James Hooker/Jordan Powers – Teacher and High School Student Relationship.

41-year-old James Hooker has decided to resign from his teaching position at Enochs High School in Modesto, California, which may come with a sigh of relief for former employer, Pam Able, and fellow staff members. The former Professor has also come to the conclusion that his future path would be best without his wife and three children, one of which is a 17-year-old student at Enochs High School.

Jordan Powers, who turned 18 in September, was a former student of Hooker’s at Enochs High School (they met when she was a freshman), though she has since found that finishing her senior year through independent studies to be more suitable.

Now that Hooker’s family and Power’s age is no longer an issue, the two have decided to continue their relationship on a more intimate and physical level by moving in with one another. Although the pair insist that their relationship was strictly platonic, and that Hooker only saw Powers as a mere student with no romantic feelings towards her until her most recent birthday came about.

Jordan’s mother, Tammie Powers, has launched an official police investigation to determine when the relationship between her daughter and former teacher began. After viewing a photograph of her Jordan on Hooker’s lap, text messages, e-mails and phone records exchanged between the couple, she is convinced the two began seeing each other prior to the girls’ 18th birthday, despite Hooker’s denial.

“That’s pursuit, in my opinion, with some type of intent,” Tammie told ABC News 10 in California.

Pam Able, Modesto City Schools Supt., states that even if their relationship didn’t break any laws, she “considers student-teacher relationships to be not only unprofessional, but immoral.” She also added in an e-mail to the Modesto Bee that hooker’s relationship has become a “source of great concern for staff, students and parents.”

Now having limited contact with her daughter, Tammie has turned her Facebook page into a “Most Wanted” profile for Hooker, plastering his photograph as much as she can to warn neighbors of this “arrogant pig”. Tammie has received a countless number of messages with love and support from strangers since the national press caught wind of the story, including Nancy Grace.

Jordan Powers, a quiet and glass-like adolescent, sat beside Hooker during an interview with Good Morning America. He shot down all accusations made by the girls’ mother and expressed to the world that they “really do want to have a future together.”

“He’s more then just a lover.” – Jordan Powers on James Hooker.

And Jordan Powers was without a doubt correct with her last statement. James Hooker was most certainly more then just a lover, he was also a predator who was later arrested on charges of sexually assaulting another teenage girl 14 years ago. This information was found during the police’s investigation with mother, Tammie Powers. Hooker’s official charge was one count of oral copulations with a minor (17-year-old female) and is in jail (according to reports made on the 8th of April, 2012).

The victim of the oral copulation charges from 1998 stepped forward once the relationship between the teacher and Powers gained national attention. Jordan believes the victim attempted to show her the truth about Hooker and his past.

“He called me from jail and yes, I told him that we’re done,” Jordan Powers told ABC News. “I lost everything for this guy. I lost my senior year. I gave up all my friends at high school because they didn’t agree with me.”

“He told me that he met her online and he hung out with her just as friends and then he went to her house and she came out of the bathroom naked and he only touched her boobs and her legs. He was freaked out so he left and went home. He said nothing else happened, but all of that was a lie.”

The school both Jordan Powers and the 1998 victim attended, where Hooker taught them in his business course.

In the heat of the gun’s fire, Jordan flew to Ohio to move back in with her mother. Though not even a week after the situation hit the fan, as of April 18th, neighbors had reported seeing the couple together over the weekend. And so with that, Hooker confirmed to a Sacramento reported that the two had reunited.

A man whose apartment sits across from Hooker’s told Mercury News, “I’m highly shocked she’s back here. I thought her mom would talk some sense into her. But it shows how much he is in her head now.”

Hooker is now on out on bail and set to return to court on the 15th of May.

The type of relationship Hooker and Powers now share is unclear. Some reports state that Powers broke up with him, to return a week later, and then be forced back home by her mother. Other reports claim that she left to move back home, but ran back into Hooker’s arms once he was released on bail.

Update: The mother of Jordan Powers confirmed that a month after the new assault charges from 1998 came to light, Powers left her home in Ohio and decided to return to living with Hooker, as well as continue their relationship.

At Hooker’s court appearance on the 15th of May, the couple [hand in hand] were present for a few minutes and left quickly after Judge Thomas Zeff rescheduled the court session for the 12th of June, 2012.

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